Experiencing an accident can be very traumatic and painful.  Automobile accidents, even low-speed ones, generate a lot of force which places stress on spinal joints and other vulnerable areas of the body causing pain and problems.  Sometimes injuries are not immediately apparent and the symptoms of stiffness, pain, soreness or discomfort is delayed showing up days or weeks after the injury. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor immediately after an accident can catch or prevent injuries from worsening.  In many cases after an accident, people think their only option is to turn to drugs to alleviate their pain. However, chiropractic care is a less invasive and inexpensive alternative to traditional medical treatment. If you believe you may be suffering with some degree of whiplash or other injury, seeking treatment is essential so that the pain does not worsen, and scar tissue formation develops. Our Chiropractors are experienced in treating non-surgical spine injuries such as headaches, whiplash, and neck and back pain from auto accidents. Our doctors can help you recover from your injuries, and get you back to health so you can feel like yourself again.