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What conditions can be treated with proper chiropractic care?

At Kissing Camels Chiropractic, we believe that proper chiropractic care can be a powerful tool in treating a variety of conditions. Among the conditions that we have seen respond well to chiropractic care are headaches, back pain, neck pain, and fatigue. In addition, we have also seen patients who suffer from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, and fibromyalgia find relief through our holistic approach to care. If you are suffering from any of these conditions or other chronic pain, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with our experienced team of doctors. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that will provide you with the relief you need.

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Back Pain

The Thompson Technique is a gentle and effective chiropractic treatment method that involves precise adjustments to the spine and other joints, using a light force to restore optimal alignment. This can help to relieve pain, improve range of motion, and reduce inflammation.

Neuropathy Treatment

Diversified Chiropractic is a chiropractic adjustment technique that is used to treat neck pain, headaches, and TMJ. We use this technique to gently adjust the spine and relieve pressure on the nerves. This helps to improve range of motion and decrease pain over time.

Vehicle Accident Recovery

The Gonstead System is a specific, scientific chiropractic technique that is known for its precision and thoroughness, as well as its focus on individualized patient care. Kissing Camels Chiropractic is proud to offer this highly effective approach to chiropractic care.

Spinal & Neck Pain

At Kissing Camels Chiropractic, we are committed to helping our patients find relief from spinal and neck pain. Our experienced chiropractors will develop a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs. We offer a variety of services, including spinal manipulation, adjustments, and other proven methods.

Work Injuries

Our licensed chiropractors are skilled in a variety of techniques that can help to relieve pain, improve range of motion, and accelerate healing. We understand the importance of getting back to work as soon as possible, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your schedule and your needs.

Sports & Martial Arts Injuries

Kissing Camels Chiropractic is dedicated to helping those who have suffered a sports or martial arts injury recover quickly and fully. We offer a wide range of chiropractic services that can help to speed up the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.